Rooting Your Android Phone

Many Android enthusiasts at some stage will consider rooting their phone or tablet. This post explains what Android rooting is and why you would want it.

What is Android rooting?
Android rooting is the process of gaining full root level access to your devices operating system. Rooting removes carrier imposed restrictions and makes more settings and features available. In essence, you are taking full control of your device.

Why would you root your Android device?
One of the most common reasons why a user may want to root their Android phone is to use an app that requires root access. Apps such as screen recorders, task managers and ad blockers all benefit from root access. These apps usually state in the Android app store that they require root access. Getting rid of carrier branding and preinstalled unwanted apps is another benefit of rooting your Android device. Many carrier branded Android phones splash their logo when the phone boots up and also bundle preinstalled apps that you will never use. Another reason why Android users choose to root their phone is gaining access to root level features and tweaking the inner workings of their phone. This may involve overclocking the CPU or creating a custom keyboard layout. Finally, by rooting your Android device you open up the possibility of installing a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod. A custom ROM is a custom version of Android that can provide benefits such as improved performance and reliability.

How do you root your Android device?
If you decide to root your Android device it’s best to do some research and find a tutorial specific to the make and model of your phone. There are third party apps available that can help with the process and many good articles available. Android Central forums have a good Android root section with links to forums posts for rooting many models of Android phones and tablets.

There are some risks involved with Android rooting and there is a possibility you may brick your device. But many users are willing to take a small risk in order to gain the benefits of rooting their phone or tablet. The most important points are to do your research first, find a good guide for your make and model of phone and take your time.


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